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I make a lot of pasta.  Some of it looks pretty darn fancy and it all tastes good and is far easier to make than it looks.  However, when asked what my all time favourite pasta dough recipe is, I will always choose this, a simple egg pasta.  The recipe is easy as anything to remember and once you have the hang of it, it is a serious option for a mid-week meal after work, it can be that quick.

I have a pasta machine, and I have never made pasta without one.  I have, however seen numerous articles online written by people who have used a rolling pin or even a wine bottle in lieu of a pasta machine.

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  • 100g 00 grade pasta flour per person
  • 1 egg per person


  • Calories | 402
  • Fat | 5.9

Serves | 1

Prep Time | 45 minutes

Cooking Time | 2-3 minutes


  1. Tip your flour onto a work surface and make a cavity in the centre with your hand or the back of a spoon.
  2. Into the cavity add the egg.
  3. Using a fork whisk the egg, gradually incorporating the flour into the mixture.  Be careful not to breach your flour or the liquid will make a run for it.  If this happens, don't panic, take your dough scraper/spatula to bring the liquid back into the flour.
  4. Once a dough begins to form, knead with your hands for 5-10 minutes until smooth.
  5. Wrap immediately in cling film/saran wrap and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.
  6. To make lasagne sheets for use with your favourite recipe take a 50g piece (no need to measure just guess) and on a lightly floured surface, roll it out to circa 0.5cm thickness and half the width of your pasta machine lasagne slot.
  7. Roll through the lasagne slot on your pasta machine at the thickest setting twice.  Fold both sides of the length into the centre, lightly roll with your rolling pin then put through the pasta machine again at the same setting.
  8. Decrease the thickness setting of your machine by one slot and put the dough through twice.  Continue in this manner until your pasta is approximately 1.4mm thick, on my machine this is setting 5.  Congratulations, you now have a piece of lasagne.
  9. If your want tagliatelle, as pictured here run your lasagne sheet through the tagliatelle cutter on your pasta machine.
  10. To cook, submerge in boiling salted water for 2-3 minutes.
  11. Alternatively to dry out for later use hang in a dry, draught free place for a day or two then store in a sealed container.

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