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  • Netherlands_Chocoladeletters_ Dutch Chocolate Letters Recipe


  • Netherlands_Chocoladeletters_ Dutch Chocolate Letters Recipe

Chocoladeletters are a big deal for the Dutch at Christmas.  We're greedy beggars and have gone all out and spelled out The Taste Trail, the Dutch usually only get one letter each, their first initial.

This isn't really a recipe, it's nothing more complicated than melting chocolate, pouring it into a moul and decorating it.    But I don't feel bad because I already made Dutch stroopwafels a couple of weeks back.  My letter mould is from amazon, it's done the trick nicely, though I can't stop thinking about the moulds the Dutch typically use which is a more stylish serif font.

Makes Dulcie's List   Makes Cosmin's List


  •  Appx 40g chocolate per letter.  Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate choose
  •  Misc cake decorations.  Whatever you have lying around.


  • Calories | 214
  • Fat | 11.9g

Serves | Up to you!

Prep Time |  5 minutes, plus setting time

Cooking Time |  1 minute


  1. Grate your chocolate and heat in the microwave for ten second bursts, stirring very well between each. 
  2. Once melted pour into letter shaped moulds.
  3. Decorate your letters as you like.  I used hundreds and thousands, writing icing, cornflowers, rose petals and I also dyed some of the letters with powdered food colouring ...make sure to use fat soluble food colouring if  you're colouring yours.
  4. Leave at room temperature to set and then remove from the moulds and enjoy.

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