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  • Hungary_Gesztenyepure Chestnut puree


  • Hungary_Gesztenyepure Chestnut puree

This chestnut puree dessert whilst much loved and consumed en masse by the Hungarians didn’t actually originate from their homeland. Very heavily influenced by the French mont blanc dessert, which in turn appears to have poached key ingredient from an even older Florentine recipe. 

It really doesn’t matter, mont blanc has a pastry base gesztenyepüré does not and the Hungarians have been eating this stuff for over 300 years. It’s in.

You can make the puree from scratch, and some Hungarians do, but more often than not they buy a big block of ready made puree and grate or press it themselves finishing off with a generous pile of whipped cream. We’re in the first week of March and chestnut season in England is well and truly over so we’ve gone down the canned route.

It's an acquired taste...

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  •  750g chestnut puree
  •  1 tbsp rum
  •  200ml whipped cream
  •  Mint leaves
  •  50g dark chocolate shavings


  • Calories | 180
  • Fat | 12.9g

Serves | 6

Prep Time | 5 minutes plus four hours to chill

Cooking Time | 0


  1. Stir together the chestnut puree and the rum.  Refrigerate for at least four hours to firm a little.
  2. When ready to eat run the chestnut puree through a potato ricer directly onto your serving dishes.  Top with mint leaves, whipped cream and dark chocolate shavings

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