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About ten years ago, I decided that I wanted to do a skydive. The closest centre was two hours away so I packed a sleeping back and travelled up there on my own to board overnight with a view to jumping the following day. When morning came, we did our training and were all set to go when the centre manager shook his head and told us all to go back to our seats; it was too windy we would have to wait for it to die down. Hours passed, every time we thought we could go up, there was a gust above the speed limit. The crowds started to thin as people gave up and went home, it got late and I decided to board for another night and try again the following day.

There were a few folks who stayed, including a trio of Serbians who when we all sat down for dinner brought out two unmarked bottles filled with a yellowish liquid. I cannot remember what they called it, but I know that it was a Serbian moonshine of sorts.  They were insistent that we all drank, and that we drank it all.  It was very VERY potent and it was only through some soft of a miracle that the wind was still too strong for skydiving the next day, as none of us were in any fit state to go up and come down again.  I have still not jumped out of an airplane.

So yeah, that was my first introduction into Serbian drink, sorry Serbia I won’t be doing that again. The food part came this weekend, and was a much more enjoyable experience with no hangover other than the pain of washing up.

I can’t sign off without mentioning that Serbians don’t celebrate Christmas along with the rest of us on 25 December, their Christmas is 7 January. …Suddenly very jealous of all the English/Serbian couples who don’t have the usual hassle of deciding which set of parents to go to for Christmas, and clean up buying gifts for all their Serbian family in the boxing day sales.

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POPULATION: 7.04 million (2016 estimate)
CAPITAL: Belgrade
AREA: 88,361 km2


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PLEASE Молимо вас
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