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It is not easy writing about the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) without at least referring to the tension between them and Greece over the use of the name Macedonia, both of whom have territory falling within the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon. It is an ongoing dispute, so in an attempt to remain neutral I shall stick for now with FYROM as recognised by the United Nations.

Now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about food.  So far on our journey, with the exception of Albania, pork has featured heavily.  Not so in Macedonia, and it’s not just the Muslims who steer clear of pig, the Christians tend to avoid it as well.  Cosmin is a massive fan, but I’m a bit porked out so it is a relief to see beef again.
Except we’re not seeing beef again, we’re going vegetarian this week…

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POPULATION: 2.11 million (2013 world bank)
LANGUAGE/S: Macedonian
AREA: 25,713 km2


HELLO здраво
PLEASE Ве молиме
THANKS благодарение
CHEERS овации
BON APPETIT добар апетит
GOODBYE збогум

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