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    Born in London, bred in Brighton and aged back in London I possess precisely one ALevel and zero degrees. I do however have a somewhat arrogant attitude that nothing is beyond my capabilities and have never let not knowing how to do something hold me back. Hence teaching myself, and becoming a proficient at knitting, sewing, carpentry, painting/decorating and cooking. Having spent a spell in Paris teaching English/learning French, and dabbling as a recruitment consultant, I am currently working in systems development for a Construction firm. I am learning how to speak Romanian and have already translated into English and prepared some of Cosmin’s favourite Romanian dishes.

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    Hailing from Tasnad in the Transylvanian region of Romania, Cosmin learnt English at the grand age of four by watching American cartoons and built his first PC at 16. After gaining two degrees from Cluj University Cosmin braved the English climate and moved to London where he now works for an award winning lighting design company in Barbican, building custom bespoke data driven software solutions and evolving their IT infrastructure. In his spare time Cosmin can be found taking tutorials on various tech related subjects, working on a passion project, playing League of Legends or drinking down the pub. No stranger to the kitchen, Cosmin often helped his mother decorate wedding cakes for her budding bakery business and he folds tortellini as quick as a seasoned Italian mama.