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Who could possibly resist a dapper polka dot tie pasta.  They're so cute, easier to make than they look and sure to impress even the pickiest of eaters especially when you tell them you made them yourself.  I've used spinach (green) and beetroot (red/purple) for these farfalle, you can of course use whatever colour combination you want.

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  •  Choose which colours you want to work with from the rainbow dough and plain dough recipes. Make one quantity of your chosen polka dot colour/colours and double quantity of your base colour.
  •  Make sure your dough is covered at all times when not in use it dries out very very quickly.
  •  Dust lightly with flour when needed at any/all of the stages below to avoid the dough sticking.
  1. Get a piece of your base colour dough, approximately 50g (no need to measure just guess).  On a lightly floured surface roll it out to circa 0.5 cm thickness and half the width of your pasta machine lasagne slot.
  2. Roll through the lasagne slot on your pasta machine at the thickest setting twice.  Fold both sides of the lenth into the centre, lightly roll with your rolling pin then put through the pasta machine again at the same setting.
  3. Decrease the thickness setting of your machine by one slot and put the dough through twice.  Continue in this manner until your pasta is approximately 1.4mm thick, on my machine this is setting 5.  Congratulations, you now have a piece of lasagne.  Cover it with clingfilm (saran wrap) or a tea towel and put aside.
  4. Get a 50g piece of your chosen polka-dot colour and carry out steps 1 to 3 above, then run it through the linguine cutter on your pasta machine.  Cover straight away and put aside.  Diagram A
  5. Cut the linquine into little pieces and roll into balls.  Diagram B.
  6. Arrange your polka dots evenly on your lasagne sheet.  Diagram C.
  7. Place a piece of clingfilm (saran wrap) over the lasagne and gently roll with a rolling pin to secure the polka dots in place.  Diagram D.
  8. Pass through the lasagne slot of your pasta machine once only at the last setting used.
  9. With a sharp knife cut into rectangles, I use pinking shears to make a zig-zag edge along the widths but this is completely optional.
  10. Pinch the centres together to make little bow ties.  You're all done!
  11. You can either cook straight away by immersing in boiling salted water for 1-2 minutes or dry on parchment paper for a day or two for use at a later date.  These make great gifts if presented in a pretty jar.
  12. If you want double-sided polka dots carry out steps 1-8 then fold the lasagne sheet in half, with the two plain sides pressed together, lightly roll out with a rolling pin then pass through your pasta machine once more.

Diagram A


Diagram B


Diagram C


Diagram D


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