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At the time of posting, Kosovo is not officially a country. It is however recognised as an independent state by 111 out of 193 UN members including Great Britain where I'm from. When researching Kosovo for our project I stumbled upon, I was always going to include Kosovo in the itinerary for our global trip but it was this website that truly cemented it for me. I won't spoil it by telling you what is on the website, go take a look, you'll see. It wasn't an easy feat finding Kosovan recipes to cook this week. Not because they don't have their own wonderful culture and cuisine, but because currently there are limited recipes available online. I'm sure this will change with time. Thank you Kosovo, we had fun!

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POPULATION: 1.82 million (2013 world bank)
CAPITAL: Pristina
LANGUAGE/S: Albanian and Serbian
AREA: 10,908 km2


HELLO Përshëndetje / Zdravo
PLEASE Ju lutem / Molimo vas
THANKS Faleminderit / Hvala vam
CHEERS Gëzuar / Živeli
BON APPETIT Ju bëftë mirë / Prijatno
GOODBYE Lamtumirë / збогом

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